DATE: Saturday, August 10, from 10 am to 1 pm Pacific Time!

Explore the fascinating world of BioReprogramming® and discover the root cause of women’s health conditions and hormonal imbalances.

During this event, you will learn how to prevent illnesses related to female organs and how to improve your well-being as a woman. You will also learn how to create harmony with your partner based on the connection between hormones and male and female communication and attraction.

There is a lot we can control in our lives once we learn the mechanism and logic of the subconscious mind. Our bodies and minds are intimately connected. Our health ailments are messages indicating that something inside of our mind needs to be resolved deeper than the symptom itself. We have the power to free our spirits from emotional conflicts, to greatly improve our health, and to experience fulfilling lives!


During this workshop, you will learn:

The relationship between emotions and health issues.

The underlying causes of hormonal imbalances.

The hormonal and behavioral differences between men and women.

How to improve communication with your spouse or partner.

The emotional conflicts related to issues of the breast, the uterus,

the cervix, the ovaries, the fallopian tubes, and more…

The emotional conflicts related to adrenal fatigue.

The emotional conflicts related to thyroid issues.

The connection between sexuality and territory.

How to get in touch with your femininity.

How to attract a partner who is your match.

How to find your path and create a life of purpose.

Your Instructor

Isabelle Benarous
Isabelle Benarous

About Isabelle Benarous

Isabelle Benarous founded the BioReprogramming® Institute and is the author of Bio-Breakthrough: Decode Your Illness and Heal Your Life. She is a trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming and Biological Decoding and created the BioReprogramming® method, a comprehensive approach based on the science of human evolution and the processes of the mind. The purpose of BioReprogramming® is to offer lasting solutions for resolving emotional conflicts, optimizing illness prevention, eliminating unwanted subconscious programs, and allowing transformation from within.

Isabelle is acclaimed for her clear explanations, creativity, and strategic intellect while conducting live interventions during her seminars. Her belief is that strong technical skills are needed in order to help people with illnesses resolve their emotional conflicts. Her goal is to educate and inspire others to become masters of their own healing and to offer therapists a new perspective in approaching illness.

As a public speaker and consultant, Isabelle has built an outstanding reputation with several holistic health service organizations worldwide and currently maintains a private practice in Los Angeles, CA.

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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the written material for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own. An audio replay of the Live-Stream Workshop will be available for ten days after the event!

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